Our Coffin Range

We have a large range of high quality coffins to choose from.

Malvern Veneered Oak

Malvern, veneered oak with boarded lid and panels

Cardboard Coffin

Cardboard coffin, with cotton interior lining.

Traditional Wicker

Our Wicker coffins come in a traditional shape or a square end shape.

Chester Veneered Oak

Chester, veneered oak with solid wood moulding.

Colourful Coffin

A large range of designs, you can even create your own if you wish.

Traditional Banana Leaf

Our banana leaf coffins come in a traditional shape or square end shape.

London Casket

Steel casket, hermetically sealing, white enamel finish with copper shading. Luxury white velvet interior.

Oakley Solid Oak

Oakley solid oak with panel sides and raised lid.

Prescott Veneered Oak

Prescott veneered oak in a selection of colours.

Canterbury Superior

Canterbury superior, solid oak casket with panel sides and ends with double raised lid and shaped corner posts.

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