Online Live Streaming

Long gone are the days of extended families all living under one roof. Families and close friends now often live far and wide, and this is where live webcasts come in. The ability to watch a service from anywhere in the world saves all sorts of logistical headaches.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is the real-time upload of filmed content. In this case crematoriums, funeral directors, crematorium staff or private companies will film the funeral service and use Wi-Fi connections or mobile internet to broadcast live.

The live stream is available to view over the internet via a wide range of devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers).

Unlike many public video streams, Funeral live streams are kept private, with crematoriums and Funeral Directors using secure login and password pages to restrict access. Details are then shared only with invited guests to ensure that your loved one’s service remains as private as you want it to be.

An additional benefit to live streaming is that the service can be recorded at the same time. This means that if people are unavailable at the time of the service, or if they have a poor internet connection, they can watch after the funeral. Many live streaming services hold broadcast recordings for up to 3 months, meaning they can be viewed in the future.

Online Live Streaming in Crematoriums:

Once quite rare at funerals, the technology is now fairly ubiquitous at crematorium chapels. While far from being used at every service, families who do use it are very appreciative of the option being available. With advances in technology, the cost has also been coming down and the quality of the service we can provide has improved considerably.

The funeral is usually captured by one camera discreetly located at the back of the chapel, and is available to view live online and also recorded. From the recording, families are then able to choose additional options, including catch-up, DVDs, Blu-ray or USBs.

The majority of crematoriums now offer webcasting facilities, certainly our local ones being Emstrey and Telford. However please ask if you would like to know about crematoriums further afield.

Online Live Streaming in Churches/Venues:

We are now able to offer a Live Streaming service, in any venue, subject to permission. The team can set up multiple cameras, to capture all elements of the service. Again this is accessed through a secure platform and we can even let you know how many people have accessed this. If you would like this option, please ask.

How to view an online Stream?

Please contact ourselves and if the family have given permission for us to distribute the details, we can pass them onto you.

Call: 01743 362 024

What will you see at the Crematorium?

View of Emstrey
View at Emstrey
View at Telford

How much does Live Streaming cost?

In the Crematorium:

Live streaming – £40.00

Live Streaming & watch again service – £50.00

Recording on USB, DVD or Blu-Ray – £50.00

In a Church/Venue:

Live streaming –  from £195.00 

(includes travel & preparations)

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