There are many things to think about when arranging a funeral for a loved one, not least of which is whether you would like an ordained minister conducting the service or whether you would prefer a humanist or civil celebrant. We can put you in touch with your local parish vicar, ministers of various religions, or a range of secular celebrants, all of whom will help put together the right combination of music and words to help remember your loved one on the day.

We are able to offer a professional and caring service, with a full understanding of your cultural and religious requirements. We have a wide range of knowledge and contact with any religion, faith and background. If you’re planning a religious funeral, we can make many arrangements to accommodate your religious needs. Please call us and we will provide you with further information on religious funeral services.

A common question we are asked is where can non-religious funerals be held? A non-religious funeral service can take place at any crematorium or cemetery chapel, natural burial site or in a non-religious place such as a parish hall, hotels or even a marquee. We can also offer a on-site chapel which is available for both religious and non-religious services.

We will liase with any type of Funeral Officiant on your behalf, however, below is the definition of the commonly used Officiants:

  • Religious Minister – a person whose job involves leading Funeral Services, whether in their place of Worship or at the Crematorium/Cemetery Chapel. Services will be, predominantly, of a Religious nature. They will, normailly, follow a Tradional format.
  • Funeral Celebrant – a person who is qualified to officiate a Funeral Service, usually from a non-clery background. The aim of a funeral celebrant is to help organise, conduct and celebrate the persons life. They will make the service, mainly, about the person who has died, including poems, music and tributes. However, celebrants will include the Lord’s Prayer, hymns and bible reading’s, if required.
  • Humanist Celebrant – a person who is qualified to officiate a Funeral Service, not from a clergy background, A humanist is a completely non-religious service, with no exception for hymns and prayers. We would recommend a Humanist Celebrant for somebody who is from a completely non-religious background.

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