Our Family

It has always been of paramount importance to the firm to give every help, advice and assistance to bereaved families. Thus hopefully in some small way easing the trauma, uncertainty and distress caused by bereavement.

The greatest care, respect and dignity is at all time afforded to your loved one. The funeral service offered by ourselves is individually tailored to the requirements of the family concerned and is at all times under the direction and personal supervision of Mr Chris Painter and Mr Mike Painter, whose dedication and commitment is a mirror image of their father and grandfather before them.

The Late Frank Painter - Founder

Establishing Frank Painter & Sons back in 1936, first starting business as a car garage with a small Funeral Directors alongside, we know Frank would be proud the family continue to look after the local community.

The Late Alan Painter - Second Generation

Son of Frank, Alan was an intergral part of moving the business in the correct direction. His knowledge and values continue to show through all of the team.

Michael Painter - Third Generation

Son of Alan, Mike is known throughout Shrewsbury for the many cars he has serviced and repaired over the years, we were a garage and workshop. When the decision was made to close the Service garage, in 2009, Mike then became a Funeral Director.

Christopher Painter - Third Generation

Son of Alan, Chris joined in the early 1980's and has been conducting Funerals for over the last three decades. Chris' wealth of knowledge has been fundamental in allowing the next generation to join the family business.

Shirley Painter - Third Generation

Daughter of Alan, Shirley joined her Father in 1982, intially assisting with wedding car booking's, Shirley is now a huge part of the every day running of the business, which many do not see.

Elizabeth Painter - Third Generation

Marrying into the Painter family in 1992. Elizabeth, thankfully joined, Husband Mike and the rest of the team in 2000. Liz manages the companies accounts and finances.

Alan Painter - Fourth Generation

Son of Shirley, Alan, joined the family, in looking after the community, in 2011. Alan became a Funeral Director in 2015 and since then he has personally helped and supported many families.

James Painter - Fourth Generation

Son of Michael and Elizabeth, James, joined the family in 2018. He is primarily a Funeral Operative and is the face that greets many arriving at Funeral Service's.

Ben Painter - Fourth Generation

Son of Christopher, Ben joined the family, to continue tradition, in 2015. Starting out as a Funeral Operative, to learn all aspects of the industry, in 2020 Ben progressed to becoming a Funeral Director.

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