Our Team

Frank Painter & Sons is a family-run independent funeral directors, arranging and conducting funerals all over Shropshire and beyond. We value our team and maintain a professional and rewarding work environment for the benefit of all.

We pride ourselves upon our professionalism, whilst maintaining a warm and courteous approach. Everyone who works for Frank Painter & Sons shares the same sense of privilege and respect when working for our families. Our team are here to advise and carry out your wishes with your loved one at the front of any decision. All requests are taken with the upmost respect and will be carried out to the best of our ability.

We want you to feel confident and cared for by the individual team member who looks after you. If you wish for a particular person, please ask. We strive to look after your family as if they were our own.

Our team is here to help, when you are in need of it most. We all aim to provide the very best service to you and your family, and will assist you with whatever the request may be.

As you can see we offer both male and female Funeral Directors, and if you would prefer your loved one to be dressed and cared for by either a male or a female, this would be possible – you only need to ask.


Michael Painter - Funeral Director

Christopher Painter - Funeral Director

Shirley Painter - Accountant

Elizabeth Painter - Accountant

Alan Painter - Funeral Director

Ben Painter - Funeral Director

David Kendall - Funeral Director

Dawn Stokes - Funeral Director

James Painter - Funeral Operative

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