Burials at Sea

The tradition of Burial at Sea is a unique and hugely moving experience and is something we are able to arrange. A burial at sea, is not only an option for former sailors, or for Naval personnel, but is also available to anybody who wishes to have this type of service.

Burial at Sea is gradually becoming more popular but comes with strict regulations surrounding how it is undertaken; this is an environmentally-friendly funeral option. If you have a loved one who spent their life on the water, or who simply enjoyed it, we can help to make the sea their final resting place.

There are two main sites where Burial at Sea is allowed to take place in England:

  • Off the Needles, Isle of Wight
  • Between Hastings and Newhaven, on the South Coast

We can advise and organise Burials at Sea – and ensure to make it as personal as possible.

Ideas for a Burial at Sea

The memorial service for a sea burial can take place on the ocean or on the shore before or after the boat heads out.
Families often prefer to hold a service on the shore if there are a lot of guests. If you decide on a beach service, it’s often a good idea to choose a weekday, at a time when the beach is normally empty.
If you choose to hold the service on the boat, one thoughtful touch is to scatter flowers or petals on the water after the coffin has been committed.

Some Readings and Poems that Might be Suitable:

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