Ashes into Glass®

When someone you love becomes a memory… that memory becomes a treasure… Ashes into Glass ® is the leading creator of ashes jewellery for our clients in the UK and worldwide. Fine jewellery for you to connect with your loved one by wearing it or just holding it in your hand.

From Ashes into Glass:

Ashes into Glass jewellery is a story. A story of pride, of strength, of courage. This story is of family and warmth, of smiles and laughter. A story of romance of hugs and of kisses. An inner beauty, a kind heart, a warm smile. Your Ashes into Glass jewellery is a story of love, a story of devotion and a story of a bond that cannot be broken. You will be reminded that your loved one is with you. In a fleeting thought, a fond memory, a song on the radio or a familiar face. By wearing it or just holding it in your hand, you will connect with your loved one and share these special moments together.

Process of Ashes into Glass:

They offer a wide range of different jewellery, in a choice of Gold, White Gold or Silver metals. The Ashes into Glass stone is hand-crafted from your loved ones ashes together with coloured glass crystals and molten crystal glass. Your own personal message can be delicately engraved onto your item of jewellery, a few words that hold a special meaning.

Range of items Ashes into Glass provide:

Tribute Ring
Heart Ring
Round Pendant
Heart Pendant
Signet Ring
Long Pendant
Charm Bead (engraving unavailable)
Memorial Paperweight

Choice of colours:



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